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  • An Hoang

    An Hoang

  • Dan Collins

    Dan Collins

    I am a full-stack developer with a passion for Node, Python, and all technology.

  • James Spurin

    James Spurin

    Author of Mastering Ansible Course, Creator of Python xmldataset, Technology Enthusiast, Disabled (with HSP), Advocate for SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy)

  • Max Sysoev

    Max Sysoev

    Yandex Advertising Network; Self-motivated; JavaScript ❤️

  • Ruslan Demidovskiy

    Ruslan Demidovskiy

  • Nikolay Grishchenko

    Nikolay Grishchenko

  • Vikas Zingade

    Vikas Zingade

    Python lover, ML enthusiast, AI aspirant.

  • Arvid Teichtmann

    Arvid Teichtmann

    Interested in Python, Machine Learning, Docker, Go, Flutter, Web-Development, DevOps, Programming, Cryptocurrencies, Fitness, Outdoor, Personal Growth and more…

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